New York to Beijing – Lost in Translation – Journal Entry 14

New York to Beijing


Lost in Translation

Journal 14

As with any language, when someone tries to translate, sometimes, it just doesn’t work out properly. Today’s blog entry will merely be a few photos of some of the funniest, strangest, and most entertaining signs I have seen translated from English in China. (I personally did not see all of these signs.) I hope you enjoy! FYI- some translations are rated PG-13 completely by accident.





Also Careful! 


It is evil!


I agree?


OK- so I saw this one and have learned that cartilage is a delicatessen here…


Also saw this in a market close to our home – “Want to Pursue what, go get it!”


This is my daughter and she is 100%


On a door during Halloween – no one ever answered! 


“Eco-Friendly Feeding Machine for Stray Animals”

Speaks to the large amount of animals without homes and our need for rabies shots!


Yes! A gender-neutral bathroom sign.

(Actually, Chinese do not have gender pronouns at all. Much easier here to be neutral!!)

Go Weman!!


Damn that pernicious garbage!!


This is our toilet paper ad copy…… Yes, let’s change the light scent into a rainbow! Please!!


And, finally…… found this at our local mall foodcourt….

I asked Soren to translate into English because we wondered what the heck this guy was saying…….

“If you don’t eat chicken tenders, how will you be happy?”

I agree!

Next week….

Vegetables on display!

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